Oh my.

So sorry for my long absence. I'm apologizing just on the off chance that anyone actually reads this thing. I've been staying with my grandparents, who need assistance getting around their house. They have no Internets. And no one in the neighborhood has wireless I can "borrow". Not even a secure network I just can't access. No wireless at all. If you have a ravelry account, I've been able to keep moderately abreast of my projects, not all of them have pictures. If you don't, I've made some Christmas presents: two pairs of comfy socks, and a hatchet man hat. I made jaywalkers for myself, got the new cat bohdri book but am too chicken yet to try one of the socks. am more than halfway done the viveka sweater from knitty. ordered assloads of yarn and fiber from knitpicks and webs. got the new harmony options needle set for Christmas. tried to order the new harmony dpn set, but they ran out before lunchtime on the first day they were available. There's probably more, but my brain hurts.