Clearly Blogging is not my Thing.

Especially since I keep failing to update it. Should have guessed right, with my lack of posting to other blog type sites. I could blame it on the fact that my computer died, but it only died a few weeks ago, and I've been home from my grandparents since February.

I've been knitting on socks. One in particular- the Cookie A. Red Thread sock, is taking forever. Mostly because I manage not to work on it. It requires too much quiet time and attention. I have ADD and like to knit in front of the TV. Bad combo. One sock is more than half done though. In the meantime, I've started another, from my Stitch 'n Bitch daily calender-- the Reverse Psockology. It's pretty awesome in it's reverse-stockinette-but-you-don't-have-to-purl-ness.

Also I have been spinning much. It's my new passion. I do a lot of monthly challenge spinning for the Spindler's group in Ravelry, but I did finish some other yarn that is sock weight from Romney wool. I'm very excited to start knitting with it. The only other thing I've knit from my hand spun is a blue/brown sparkly hat I modeled after my friend Shawn's store bought hat. It's currently my new favorite.

Not much else to report here, except that I keep blowing all my funds on Etsy stuff, when I should be saving up for that dental appointment. Having my wisdom teeth out is not going to be cheap.