I had previously failed to mention, someone that my dad and my boss's husband works with owns a lamb. Boss's husband mentioned to him that I knit and now spin my own yarn. He offered, through BH, the wool of said lamb after shearing in the sping, free of charge.

I am very excited about this. Buying wool carders will be expensive, but I think it will be an interesting and fun and educational experience. I intend to play around with some dyes as well.

Yesterday, after all this had been arranged and agreed upon, I learned that before now, HE THREW THE WOOL AWAY!!!!
He didn't know what to do with it, and actually threw it in the trash!!! I about fell over dead.
Absolutely unbeliveable.


Posting from work again

So of course, there will be no pictures. I'm terribly sorry.
I finished 1 pr of comfy socks for an xmas gift. one more to go.
I finished my skelly hat. Mostly. I have to sew the face on. Now I just look like a ghost.
I think I said I finished the hemlock blanket, and I love it!! I forgot to put the lace edging on though :( Seeing as how I've started carrying it around like a blankie when home, probably there will be more in my future.
I've started on a baby dragon from a Bernat baby booklet from walmart. The yarn is crappy acrylic, but as an infant is going to be drooling and chewing all over it, Probably that's for the best. (Yes I am a yarn snob, and yes I know and freely admit it). This project was pressed upon my by my mother for an expectant mother who is past her due date and still hasn't given birth. No pressure to be done in a timely fashion here at all. No way. Her father in law lives down the street from us.

That is all for now.
Over and out.


Hopital times again

Sorry for the lack of postage. Once again my grandfather is in the hospital, and I'm staying with my grandmother. This time I'm not taking off work, as my mom can care for her during the day. I am most assuredly knitting. I finished the pink and yellow roving, and plied and washed it. I am about 9 rows away from finishing my hemlock rings blanket. 9 very very very long rows. I'm about half done my jack skellington hat, which I started 3 days ago. I've begun spinning some lovely green merino yarn, for which I had to learn how to short draft, because the long draft was absolutely sucking for it. And to top it all off, I've ordered yarn for 2 more sweaters, a hat for an Xmas present, and lots of socks. My little online SEX are costing me a lot of money.



Here Again.

Once again I find myself at the end of several projects, and stalling to finish them. Individually it would only take about 15 to 20 minutes, or less than an hour for some others, to finish them up, but I just can't get around to it. If I were reading a book and I was near the end I would hurry up and try to finish it, because I want to know what happens, how it ends. I'm not sure why this doesn't translate in to knitting. I do want to see the finished product, and they weigh on me, like they know I'm neglecting them. So this weekend I have a list. The fat cat needs to be cut out and assembled. The Bobble purse needs to be sewn up and I need to cut and and insert the lining. The voodoo doll needs to be embroidered so I can stuff it and sew it up. I tried the needle felting thing, but it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Embroidery is the way to go.

Hopefully I will have pictures of FOs for you this weekend.

In other interesting news, I dreamed last night that I was spinning very fine silk singles on a large spinning wheel. I was wearing an old-timey dress, and had an assistant. I knew in the dream I was spinning the singles to weave my death shroud with. Apparently I was expecting to die soon. It all seems vaguely Penelope like, in that it was going to take quite a while to spin enough singles to weave a shroud with.


Look at me!! I'm networking!!!

As a very special belated birthday present, Ravelry notified me last night that I was accepted. Since then I've been very busy exploring and setting up my profile stuff. I have a feeling its going to be much more organized than my attempted list making here. It's super awesome, and if you haven't put your name on the waiting list yet, you should. This place is going to blow the internet out of the water, Chuck Norris style. :-D

Also, I let my friend Katie make me a facebook. Hell just froze over. And I explained to her that Ravelry is like a facebook for knitters, she wasn't terrible enthused, but patiently sat through my explanations and demonstrations. I love that girl. :) She tries to understand, or at least pretends to.

And as promised I finally charged my camera and photographed some stuff. I'm not sure if I've been super productive and didn't know it, or just really bad at keeping my camera charged.

Here is my handspun--

Thats right. That nasty blue/orange combination of handspun I made, has been knitted up. I felt obligated to make something with it, since its my first handspun and all, and I already had plans for the next two I spun.

An earwarmer is about the only thing I had enough yardage to make, since I spun it so bulky. It is very warm though. And I did wear it in public, so I guess it isn't that bad.

This is my second ever skein of yarn that I've spun. As you can see it's much improved. The yarn is much thinner, and the Plies are actually sticking together, unlike the above yarn, whose plies came appart whenever I knit into a stitch. Also, I adore the natural grey. The white below I spun today at work. I mentioned that I was learning and they didn't understand how it worked from my decription (its kind of self explanitory, but I guess they were expecting it to be more involved and difficult) so I brought my drop spindle and the next ball of roving in to show them how its done. With the white and the grey I'm thinking I should have enough for mittens, perhaps inspired by my new book Scottish Highland Knits.

IF you'll kindly notice, I did in fact snap that picture in the midst of blogging. Thats how badly I suck at photo documenation.

I also ordered some yarn from ebay. The Blue Goose Glen in TN sent me some lovely vanilla and mint (seperately, not together) merino yarn that I won in the ebay bid. I believe they have an online store as well as an ebay store. It's lovely soft and came well packaged.



Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!! Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee, happy birthday to me!!!

I finished one side of my knitting needles knitting purse last night, but I have to go buy size 15 wooden needles. I thought I had a pair, but they're plastic. My big wooden ones are size 17. I've decided to line the purse in this purple plaid fabric I bought in the hopes of making a skirt. (I can barely sew. My Mom-mom was teaching me before she got Parkinson's). I'm pretty sure I bought more fabric than I actually needed, so I think I can still get a skirt out of it.

And now off to work.