Posting from work again

So of course, there will be no pictures. I'm terribly sorry.
I finished 1 pr of comfy socks for an xmas gift. one more to go.
I finished my skelly hat. Mostly. I have to sew the face on. Now I just look like a ghost.
I think I said I finished the hemlock blanket, and I love it!! I forgot to put the lace edging on though :( Seeing as how I've started carrying it around like a blankie when home, probably there will be more in my future.
I've started on a baby dragon from a Bernat baby booklet from walmart. The yarn is crappy acrylic, but as an infant is going to be drooling and chewing all over it, Probably that's for the best. (Yes I am a yarn snob, and yes I know and freely admit it). This project was pressed upon my by my mother for an expectant mother who is past her due date and still hasn't given birth. No pressure to be done in a timely fashion here at all. No way. Her father in law lives down the street from us.

That is all for now.
Over and out.

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