Hopital times again

Sorry for the lack of postage. Once again my grandfather is in the hospital, and I'm staying with my grandmother. This time I'm not taking off work, as my mom can care for her during the day. I am most assuredly knitting. I finished the pink and yellow roving, and plied and washed it. I am about 9 rows away from finishing my hemlock rings blanket. 9 very very very long rows. I'm about half done my jack skellington hat, which I started 3 days ago. I've begun spinning some lovely green merino yarn, for which I had to learn how to short draft, because the long draft was absolutely sucking for it. And to top it all off, I've ordered yarn for 2 more sweaters, a hat for an Xmas present, and lots of socks. My little online SEX are costing me a lot of money.


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