I seem to have a backlog of photos due to my camera's recent indisposition (it needed to be charged) and my own lack of energy (never got around to charging it). Well I charged it last night, and found I had used up all my memory anyway. I freed up some space, and here's what I've got to show ya.

First: Vacation Knitting. I finished the summertime tunic a week after I came back from vacation.

On the left you see it in progress, while I was in progress I believe on the way home.

Here it is today, as I attempt to model it in what may be my blurriest photo yet. I apologize for this and all future blurriness. I need to start tinkering with the f-stops or something.

Next I believe are socks.

First are the would be gift socks I made and ended up giving to mom. In the middle you see the detail on the foot. Very nice, stretchy, easy to memorize. Only one skein of the Knit Picks essential was needed ( I used a test dye lot they had on special sale because the colors weren't bright enough), and enough was left over in the one skein that I think I can make a pair for me and my larger feet.

On the right in the super-dark picture are my comfy socks. they are both comfy and warm. I used Knit Picks (again) Cadena In Heath. I'll try to get a better picture later. you can actually see my rug better than the socks. I've got to work on my photography skills.

My many hats, or a hat of a different color, or Erin and her technicolored hats:

These are the cinchy hats, I made two. The first one, I got a little carried away with color. The second one is the hat I had intended to make, to match both my coat and my harry potter scarf. I used Lion Brand wool for felting. They look cool, and the second one fits much better than the first one. The first one I started over because my co-worker Em scared me into thinking it was going to be too small. She was wrong. With the bigger needles it turned out too big. The second one I knitted on the called for size, and got a perfect fit.
Once again, the first hat was too big, but this time it was due to my mis-reading of the pattern. It's still wearable, it just slides down over my eyes a bit. The second (technically the third) hat I knitted exactly right. What you don't see pictured is a hat in blues and browns and blacks that I made for above mentioned co-worker. I used Patons soy wool stripes for these, because of the long color repeats. I knit this pattern 3 different ways (the second hat for my coworker I knit on a needle one size smaller to accommodate for my misreading of directions. It was as I was doing the finishing rows that I realized my mistake and cast on for the third one) and no way could I keep the yarn yardage within one skein (these babys are $6/skein), and always ended up using just a little bit of the second skein. you have no idea how annoying that is. I love these hats, and I love this pattern. Three hats will probably not be the end of it. The pattern is easy to knit, and it looks super complicated. They look designer. I love this. I may currently be experiencing a hat obsession.
Please allow me to take a break and do a second post later about my current project. It's super. This post is loooong and its gonna take forever to load. Sorry this is so picture heavy. I'll try to be a better blogger.

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