Sweater Woes

Ha ha! I got the title in and forgot to type the post. Whoops. That's a prime example of ADD right there.

At any rate, my sweater is progressing rapidly. I'm nearly finished. I have one row of decreases, and after that, I have to do the collar and sew up the armpits. That's it.
Please note that the knitted blanket is not one that I made, I bought it at a church yard sale for a sickeningly low price. I have knit that pattern before though, with M1 instead of Yo's in a pair of socks I made for my grandmother. The blue and brown one I crocheted for myself last summer in about two days.
Even though I"m making good progress on the sweater there are a couple things I don't like. I'm still having gauge issues. I think I can get away with just enough yarn to finish the sweater. Despite this fact, the sweater fits snugly, instead of very loosely, as in the photo on my previous post. Everything I have is either too small or too big. I think my size changes inversely in proportion to the size I intend to make. The sweater is not so tight that I can't wear it, it just doesn't fit like in the picture. I suspect I may have knit the wrong size.

Sorry it's sideways, I don't feel like fixing it. You get the idea.

My other problem is that even though I got good results knitting back and forth on my swatch, Knitting in the round with lots and lots of stitches scrunched up on the needle made for bad bad puckering on the bottom half of the design. I'm deluding myself into thinking that it'll block out. Laugh if you must. I'm going to try anyway.

My final issue is that the size needle I used for the sleeves and hem was probably a little too small. I"m going to use a larger size for the neckline. I certainly hope my next sweater turns out better.

And just for kicks, here are my purple comfy socks again, I love these things. The photo is much better this time. Please disregard the awkward ridge in the middle. I'm wearing a pair of ankle socks underneath. :)

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