Help! I ordered way too much!

Help! I ordered way too much! Spunky Eclectic recently had a huge update, with a sale on her galaxy and astrology colorways. I bought way more fiber than I should have, and then went so far as to consider buying more so that I could have some of this organic merino and panda that everyone was talking about. I exercized some restraint and refrained. I can get some in the next update.

That's about all the restraint I had though. My order from the bellwether has just arrived at the post office, though I won't be able to pick it up until saturday. i got a tabecheck tibetan spindle (thanks Angie, you big enabler. Fair turnaround I guess?) With a lap bowl, and since I've been drooling over bossies but was too embarrased to purchase a third one directly from the manufacturer (in my defense the second one was for a swap parter, not me) I got the last mini that the bellwether had. And a wood tabecheck spindle to go with the tibetan. My hand carders are finally at the post office today too, though why it took 3 days to travel across MD I don't know. They've been in the mail forever, from a woman who was destashing all the way on the other side of the US. I can't wait to use them on my fleece study :)

As far as the fleece study, I've washed half of it, with mixed success. One I haven't checked yet, and there is still a bit of yellow in the middle of my lincoln X, but it’s not sticky, so I don’t know if I’ve got all the lanolin out. My tunis is now lanolin free after 3 washes, but there is still a lot of dirt. The corridale, romney and suffolk all came clean quickly, though the suffolk has some vm I’ll need to pick out as I’m carding it. I'm really not sure that it will card out, so much as in though. Maybe I'll go at it with the dog combs.

I'm having a lot of trouble with my cropped cardi, that I've been working on off and on again since December. I should have had it done a long time ago. I decided to knit the sleeves in the round, instead of flat, which took surprisingly little finegaling. The problem lies in the "twists". They're fiddly as hell, and driving me crazy. Honestly, is there any reason not to just do a 2 stitch cable? It would be soo much easier. I haven't even gotten one repeat done, cause I don't want to work on it at all. :(


pique said...

Possibly dumb question: When you say merino and panda, do you mean panda bear? Fur? I'm just dumbfounded at your restraint, if so...

I wish you lived close, I would sooo be over tomorrow to drool on your new fiber and help you test your new toys. Tools! I meant tools! Are you going to snap a pic of your hoard when you collect it all from the PO?

I'm going to follow your wool washing adventures closely. I've been looking at some raw fleece and half of me thinks "It's so cheap!" and the other half thinks "It's (probably) so much work!" and I'm undecided about getting any. I'll wait for your reports and final verdict. Then I can just buy fleece if it's a breed that you find isn't hard to wash or prepare for spinning.

Erin said...

the merino is organic and by all accounts, near magical in its softness. "panda" is a wool/bamboo blend that is available in limited quantities, that everyone is coveting for sock yarn. :) the only thing that stopped me from placing a second order just for those is that There weren't any left in colors that I was excited about. That's not stopping me from stalking the website for the next update.

Angie J said...

mwahahaha. Why should I keep the joy of Tibetan Support Spindles all to myself. Come on fill me in. Just because I used converting you into an excuse to get another one LOL.