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I've got some motivation to restart my blog again. I spend way too much time on Ravelry now, and have gotten way more into spinning. In fact I'd say I spin more than I knit now. I recently joined a spinners study group, and am going to receive soon a box full of raw fleece from a variety of sheep. The purpose is to make notes about the qualities of the different wools and make comaparisons for future reference as I wash card and spin them up. It's an educational venture. really. I want to continue this study with other bits of fleece that I can get my hands on after I run out of these. I'll try to remember to share my notes with y'all.

I also joined the Spunky Club! I'll be getting a surprise in the mail every month, its gonna be great. I have a lot of her non-club fiber, so its about time really. I made myself promise to spin up some of my stash first to make room though.

Yet another club, this one is only for a year, every other month I will be getting a shipment from the Unique Sheep every other month with a sock yarn, pattern and surprise all dyed and designed around the Lord of the Rings. The club is now called Lord of the Strings, a very cute pun, though there was nothing wrong with the original name. My first sock was awesome. Hobbiton is a very earthy green yarn with hobbit toes. I really love it, and am looking forward to seeing what comes next.


I do some more backlogged updates later, when there's not work to do. With photos.

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pique said...

Love the hobbit toes!

Looking forward to seeing more posts (hint hint) and your work with the spinner's study!