California Red and Ghost Hunting


I've started spinning up my California red fleece sample. before I carded it it just looked dirty. Really it is kind of dirty- there's all kinds of really fine vm that I can't get out. Some of it pops out when I spin it, but about an equal amount I think just gets spun in. :( I'm glad this isn't for a garment.

Here's the lock:
california red lock

And the singles I've spun up so far still on my spindle:
california red singles

It looks a lot less crappy once it's been spun. I love how it looks like wheat flour or oatmeal. If I did spin this for a garment I would totally leave it natural, it looks so good. However, if someone did decide to dye it, it would make a fantastic natural heathered yarn.

I tried to sleep in this morning but I woke up at 5:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I tossed and turned and finally rolled out of bed at 9 and made some chai tea and breakfast. All we had was high fiber or weight loss oatmeal :( Blech.

Tonight I'm going Ghost Hunting! For real. I'll be up super late, so hopefully my early wake up won't affect my ablity to stay up late tonight. The house belongs to someone who works in my building, and the investigators are people who came out to investigate the Auburn House, which is owned by the university and is used by the athletics admin. Supposedly it's haunted by Martha, the wife of one of the owners of the house, long before the university bought it. I don't know what the situation is at the individual's house I'm going to tonight. Hopefully we'll find some good evidence. :)


pique said...

It's too bad about the vm, that is so pretty! I love the little colored 'hairs' in it, is that common in that type of sheep? Very interesting sample, looks great as yarn!

Erin said...

Yeah, I think that's the "red" part. The red fibers are a little bit coarser than the white, They seem shorter too. But I wouldn't call it kemp.

Angie J said...

Is it a next to your skin wool or more for outer garment ware. I really like the color of it.

Ooh you lucky girl you ghost huntin. Next I'll be seeing you with TAPS LOL

Erin said...

My information sheet says it's a double coated fleece. It feels medium soft to me. It doesn't bother me, but if you had sensitive skin you might not like it.