Holy Polypay!

Wow. It's soft, it's fine, it has a matte lustre and spins like a dream. I love it! And here I was researching California red breeders. lol. Once again though, small vm is harshing my mellow. :I

polypay singles

Here's my California Red, plied. I haven't washed it yet though. I really do love this.

plied california red

I may take down my green tree python wallpaper and put this up instead.

This fleece sampler is creating a monster. Not only am I now addicted to the smell of lanolin, I want to try much larger samples. I've already been tricked into buying more Romney, and I've gotten a pair of second hand carders and a set of very affordable handmade wool combs are on their way, along with a diz.

I have a severe case of spinner's ADD too. I want to work on the fleece kit. and the Coastal collection from beemiceelf on etsy, I'm half done that, the soy latte fiber made from milk protein, the April challenge for Spindlers, the Shetland for the singles shawl along in spunky club on Rav., and of course the Romney, but I'm saving that for when I get the combs. I also have a specific roving in mind for a pair of socks as well. :( I've been behaving but it's hard. I've got 2 pr of socks on the needles too. There's too much I want to do and not enough arms or hours in the day. Maybe I'll start using all that time in which I try to sleep and fail miserably.

And help me out here. This is the start of my second sock from the LotS club. The leaves are totally addictive. What else can I put leaves on?

prince of the wood elves


pique said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous, gorgeous! You have sold me on the California Red! AND the Polypay. It's getting dangerous to read your blog, I keep wanting to run out and buy things.

So jealous of your combs, can't wait they get there. I've read commercial top just can't compare to the real stuff.

Also can't wait to see how you decided to do the Coastal Collection yarn!

Those leaves rock, right now I'm thinking sleeves, throws, pillows. I'm not very creative. :(

Erin said...

You think it's dangerous for you? I have actual samples to work with. So far I want one of everything. lol.

Long Haired Spider said...

Nice spindling!

I *love* polypay, but I have trouble finding it already cleaned (I'm allergic to fresh fleece, sigh).