Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms!!

I always feel like I don't have much to blog about, but when I sit down and start to make a post I realize that I've done about a zillion things, but only partially. No wonder I feel like I never finish anything.

I've been working on my blanket in bits and pieces. I've almost got 6 rows on, and am running out of yarn. Perusing the destash forum on Ravelry, I found a girl who lives maybe an hour away who had lots of left over balls of yarn, all in colors that go well in my blanket. And she mailed them to me for the cost of postage!If I can't finish my blanket with these, I will have come damn close. lol I got some berroco touche from her as well, so I can make a tank top :)

future blanket

I won a Flip camcorder from the Spin or Dye Swapping group on Rav. It was a random drawing and I'm so psyced that I won. I never win anything. Videos to follow. ;)


Yesterday I went on an Open Studio tour. It's hosted by the Arts Council in my county every year, for the last few years. A few awesome things happened. First, I got a necklace from a blacksmith who collaborates with his daughter. He's from Sweeden or somesuch, and It's so much fun to hear him talk.

leaf necklace

Plese excuse my obscene paleness. I don't tan. I don't mean that I don't go to a tanning bed (well I don't actually, it's bad for you) I just don't tan well, period. A week at the beach gets me sun burn and maybe a shade or two darker.

I also met a wood turner, who doesn't make things for handspinners. At least not intentionally. I got two spindle bowls, I don't know what he intended them for, but I think they're perfect.
spindle bowls

I think for just one bowl like this I would have paid 40$. Instead I got both of them for the same price. Good deal right?

I also met a woman whom I think is on the arts council. I was telling her about my spinning and knitting and she was very interested in having me do a demonstration. I thought that would be fun. Then she asked me how much I would charge for it. My immediate thought was "Whoa, wait, you're going to pay me?" lol. I have no idea what to charge for something like that. I gave her my phone number and e-mail address. Any suggestions? I'm clueless.

I washed some of my Navajo churro too. I hate how clumpy wool looks when it's still wet. I know it will be so much more beatutiful when dry.


I call this "Cats Like Squares" or alternately "Fatty loves Wool"
cats like squares

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