Navajo Churro

MOV04600, originally uploaded by sleepsmistyshade.

In support of endangered fleece breeds I bought a navajo churro fleece, well half of one, (am I convincing?) and once again I have to fight the cat for it. It's pretty dirty, and smells nice and sheepy. And she loves it. Sorry the video is so dark. lol


I actually picked up half the fleece and put it on top of her, making a cat/fleece sandwich. And all she did was go back to sleep. She's still sitting inside the fleece, an hour later. lol


Also, I've made an owl hat out of my wheel spun. It was so perfect and green and heathery that I had to knit it right away. Spunky Eclectic dark bfl, 3 different 1 oz bumps of the galaxy series plied together. I love it. The pattern is Who? a free rav download. I need little beads for the owl eyes.

hand spun owl hat!

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