I finished the first short row hat the other day. . . yes, the First. My co-worker Em has requested one, and since she's a dear friend, and she sadly claims to only have one ill-fitting black hat from Walmart, I'm happy to oblige. One bad hat is a sorry state of affairs, and I cannot allow it. She's picked out her yarn and I'll make hers next. With the yarn I used, the hat turned out slightly too big, not unwearable, but it falls down over my eyes a lot. (I've been wearing it at work because its freezing ass cold there). So I'm going to try it this time on size 6 needles. Hopefully this will have the added benefit of only needing to buy one skein of the 6$ yarn. I only used a tiny bit of the second skein on the first hat. I bought two more skeins, each a different color to make two more hats for myself. I like the pattern that much. It's quick, looks very impressive, but is actually quite easy. The process is fascinating. I don't usually knit a pattern twice. At least not in a row. The last time I did, was maybe more than a year ago, when I made the nautilus toy from Knitty. I love those things. I made two. In different yarns. Then I couldn't be bothered with more. They're great stash busters though, and kids love them. I think they're great. . . but I'm a Big Kid, so there you have it. I also bought yarn for the cinchy hat found in the back of the last Knitscene. Brown blue and cream, with a dark blue ribbon with white contrasting stitching down the middle. For those I bought Lion Brand Felting Wool. I think that's what its called. Its got the brown paper label on it that says "felting", they're fairly new. I've been thinking about the hat since I saw it, and I'm looking forward to knitting it. It shall soon be the season.

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