I've been totally slacking on this blogging thing. I got back from vacation (where it rained a lot, we got 3 out of 5 beach days, two of which were overcast) and realized that I had just under two weeks to pack up everything I own and move out. Since I need my dad and his truck, and these two weeks are the two busiest weeks of the year for him at work, matters have become complicated. I have a lot of boxes sitting in my room right now, and lots more to pack.
I ended up taking the MS3 home with me, I worked on it a little, then had to put it on a waste string because I needed the needle for my summer tunic project. I ended up taking the socks and hat projects, as well, but left the MS3 at home. Mindless knitting is definitely the way to go at the beach. The 1x1 rib took forever, but once I got past things started moving more quickly. I'm nearly done, I'm working on the final inch of the back, then I need to complete the front few inches and I'm done. I have some lovely ribbons I picked out at Michael's for a dollar each, I'll have to decide which goes best.

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