I forgot to mention an interesting phenomenon when I spoke about my lovely little swatch. As an unforeseen consequence of my left-handedness, when I knit the swatch following the chart as usual, I ended up with a mirror image of what I was supposed to be making (some kind of flower). I find this quite fascinating. Obviously, knitting a swatch was a good idea, I'm going to have to follow the chart from left to right, instead of right to left if I want an exact copy of what I'm supposed to be knitting if its not a symmetrical design. The only other instance of my lefty ways affecting my knitting is M1L and M1R. I have to switch those, because the lean in the wrong directions. weird huh.

I also would like to note that my MS3 is partially blocked now. I say partially because I ran out of pins and direct sunlight when I started blocking it before. I have since bought more pins, but haven't had the time to finish the job. Blocking is kind of a chore I think. At least the wing part looks pretty now. I have to remember to buy the pattern before Melanie takes it down, I want to knit the double winged version in a different color. :)

So far my self discipline has been holding up. I'm finished the gussets on the second sock, maybe I'll finish it by Monday, so I can start my sweater. I anticipate needing a break during the long stretches of stockinette, so I can work on my comfy socks as well. they'll go quickly.

And I think I've finally found a solution to my paragraph problem!! Apparently blogger doesn't like the tab button. Double enter seems to seperate paragraphs just fine though.

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