To Grandmother's house we go

So sorry!!! Life has gotten in the way. I've very definitely been knitting, and I've been trying to keep my personal life out of my blog, but I feel some explanation should be given. The Internet has finally been fixed at my house, but from last Sunday to this Tuesday I've been staying with my grandmother, who has Parkinson's, while my grandfather was in the hospital. They are both doing well now.
In the time I spent at her house, I finished my shawl, knit most of another short row hat for myself, knit two cinchy hats, finished the sheepy cross stitch, and made some forward progress on my mom's waving lace sock. (I'm suffering from some Serious Second Sock Syndrome, I've been "working" on those things all summer. I'm not even finished the first repeat.
I've also ordered yarn for the comfy socks from Knitting Daily, plan on ordering yarn for the Cactus Blossom sweater in Knitscene, and have started a pair of Padded Footlets for a kind of chain-mail sock exchange my sister mailed to me. Those are easier and take precedence over the waving lace socks. The principle is pretty cool. The recipient of the letter should buy a pair of socks for the person in the number one slot and mail it to them. (There are two slots) (I'm obviously knitting mine) I should then make 6 photocopies of the copy in my letter, put my name in the number two spot ( the number one slot is filled with the name of the person who mailed me the letter) and mail the letters off to six people I think will be interested. Theoretically, I should mail out one pair of socks, and in return, eventually recieve six pairs.
I live for socks. Having six random people buy "funky cool" socks for me sounds fucking awesome. I know that the numerone spot person is my sister's friend so I can gauge her taste a little. she sent Sasha one letter sasha mails someone else socks. sasha sends me a letter. I send friend socks. I mail letter, sasha gets socks. exct. kind of confusing but cool.

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