The dangers of stash diving

You know you have way too much yarn when you look at your stash and don't even remember what's in there. I couldn't even reach the baskets, through all the other baskets containing handspun, and fleece, and ufos. After a little rearranging, I was able to dig through my yarn, and realized that I had no idea how much yarn I actually owned until now.

A large portion are leftovers from other projects. Somehow I'm able to use less yarn for the same ammount of knitting. Like the blue sky alpaca armwarmers I knit. They were supposed to take 3 skeins to complete, I only used two, and made the armwarmers a full inch longer to accomodate my long limbs. I have a neat little ball of leftovers in my tiny bits basket, and a whole untouched skein in my stash. How is that possible? I wish someone would tell me.

The remainder is stuff that I bought on sale at Michales or JoAnnes, impulse buy sock skeins, the accumulation of which I do not mourn, because everyone needs more sock yarn, and I have a lot of stuff in my queue that takes fingering weight, and is not socks. And I have a whole army sack of yarn under my bed that I haven't even touched yet that I procured for all of $8 at the salvation army. There's some good stuff in there like cascade 220 and Lamb's Pride worsted and bulky. A lot of these are not my colors, but I can over dye them.

I really need to start knitting more. Or buy less. I'm getting swamped over here. I have a tiny room and my stash is verging on eating me, and leaving no evidence of my passing. lol. (Actually that's not funny).

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pique said...

If you figure out what you're doing to use less yardage when you knit, let me know!