I can has sheep!

Or at least it's fleece :)

My California Red fleece arrived Saturday. It was a lot of fun to roll it out and see that it was sheep shaped!
california red fleece

The cat may be in love. We're going to have a throwdown soon. Only one of us may own the sheep.


I'm washing up a bit right now, we'll see how it turns out, but overall, I'm very pleased with the fleece thus far. No VM at all, Clifford (the ram from whence my fleece came) was coated year round. So even though it looks a little matted, the sections pull apart easily. There's a nice sweater in there somewhere, if I can get the cat off first.

Oh yeah, and my rommedale. Remember I said it was nubby?
Yeah. Will not be carding that again. Strictly combs for that one. Though I will almost swear that the fiber I was given was full of seconds cuts. I've finished it up, and will ply it soon. It's gonna have loads of texture.

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Angie J said...

ahhh look at the pretty kitty. I've always wanted a kitty that color, maybe after the furball passes away.

So how's the california red? Is it a medium grade wool or a little softer?