HI! Welcome to my shiny new blog:) I will warn you in advance, I am highly unlikey to post on a regular basis. That being said, Iwill most certainly do my best to do so. Having just this past May graduated from University, I find myself at loose ends with the world, as most pirates surely do. I have a BA in ceramics, fat lot of good that will do me. There is no job market for ceramics. So my other love will hold me in good stead, as there is in fact a gallery local to my parent's house which is interested in my knitting. My knitting, which I learned in my own free time, away from university, with no instruction ( and thereby free). Go figure. I correct myself-- It would stand me in good stead if I could actually bring myself to knit items for the gallery in question. WHO the hell wants to knit Christmas Stockings in July?!?!?!?!?! I've been busying myself with socks (stocking-like, right? right. ) for meself and family, and have joined the MS3 group, the knitting of which gives me immense joy. Lace is perfect for summer, and the beading!! OOOH the shinies. I've never beaded before and I love it. Those of you who didn't get in on MS3 woe is you! and be sure to get onboard for MS4 next summer, its a blast!

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