Swiftly, My Friend

I finally bit the bullet and bought a swift today. I'm thoroughly tired of having to wrap the yarn hanks around my knees to wind the yarn into crappy looking balls. Its not very comfortable. and if I could get a better angle on the yarn winding, and it went much more smoothly than it does, my yarn balls would look much prettier. I'm really not that interested in buying a ball winder at this point. I kind of like winding it by hand, its like smelling the cookies before you get to eat them. (Also I saw something called a nostepine on the bellwether website which looks pretty interesting.) I looked at a lot of swifts at a lot of different places, and they're all pretty expensive, more than I can afford, anyway. So as a last resort I went to e-bay and found a lovely oak one for 23$. It looks well made and the shipping wasn't extortion, like it so often is on these sites. I have plenty of skeins to try it out on when it gets here, I'll let you know ;)


Heather said...

My Mom was wonderful and gave me a gift Visa for Christmas last year. The first things I bought were a swift and a ball winder. Love them. This payday (Thurs.) I am breaking down and buying a Lazy Kate (used for plying hand spun yarn). I am tired of trying to ply off my wheel. Blah.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

haha, I mistyped! What I had intended to say was that I haven't taken up spinning, *yet*.