I didn't get my harry potter book until this morning, I was away this weekend while the book arrived at my house. I'm already one third of the way through it. I know a lot of people are rushing through it and may have finished already, but I kind of want to savor the experience of reading the last book. I also received in the mail today Charmed Knits, a book full of harry potter related patterns, along with Vouge knitting's stitchionaries 1 and 3. No, I don't have number two yet. Give me time. I really like that most of the patterns in Charmed Kits are designed for Big Kids as well as chronologically young. I probably won't be knitting a wand cozy or a wizarding cloak, but the Invisibility shawl is lovely and the sweaters can be knit in just about any size.

My MS3 is moving along, though not rapidly. I'm relatively caught up, I'm on the current clue, but since I've decided to elongate it, as per optional instruction, its going to take me twice as long to finish. On the other hand, I'm infamous for being two steps behind so it wouldn't be anything new. I also completed the first sock in the waving lace pattern. Unfortunately when i tried it on to see how much farther I needed to knit the foot, my suspicions were confirmed, the sock is knit on a gauge too tight to fit on my leg comfortably. its a struggle to get on and off. I probably should have knit a gauge swatch. Duh. If I had used a size bigger needle, it would not only have been easier for my long fingers to handle, but the sock would have fit. My solution was to make the foot shorter than I would require and re- designate them to my mom. She has small feet and is always appreciative of socks that actually fit. I'm bloody brilliant.

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