Motivate me!

I'm having some trouble with my waving lace socks. The pattern is easy enough to memorize, and the sock is lovely, but I guess I'm feeling a little unmotivated. I really hate having unfinished projects lying around, they haunt me, and I'm sure I'll definately finish the first sock, but I'm anticipating a serious bout of second sock syndrome. This is not usually a problem for me. The mermaid scarf, which is actually technically crocheted, is also on indefinate hold. The yarn (some acryllic stuff from michaels or whatever) was given to me by a friend, and I didn't have enough to finish it, so untill I find more of the same yarn, it remains unfinished.

OOh! the yarn I ordered from sundara is officially on it's way! I'm really excited.
I apologize for the blurriness and lack of lighting.
I'll do better next time ;P


Heather said...

OOhh...you would HATE my place. I am the Queen of UFO's. Most everything I start is in one state of unfinishedness or another. Most still on the needles. Yes, I have lots of needles.

Erin said...

Actually, of the 5 projects I have going now, 3 of them are on indefinate hiatus. The rona shawl I have to frog back a row becasue the count was off, and the stockings were for my sister, but I got annoyed at the lace and the length. I made her ankle socks instead, and I haven't decided if I want to frog the lace entirely, or just to the point where I can make them crew length for myself.