Did I mention yet that I bought a wheel? I think I forgot that. I've had an antique Norwegian wheel for about a year now, and have never managed to make usable yarn from it until now. Some sort of magic happened and Yarn was produced; bulky, over twisted singles yarn, but usable yarn nonetheless.

my antique wheelwheel spun washed

I have large quantities of alpaca and various other wools that I will never ever spin all of in a million years on a spindle, and thought that a wheel would be the perfect thing for getting the bags of fiber out of my way so I can buy more wool. (Do we see the irony of the statement here?)
At any rate, I got some nice cormo-X out that has been waiting patiently to be spun for about as long as I've had that wheel, and Nothing. The magic mojo is lost, the wheel is completely uncooperative. Nothing spins. Not even well-prepped and evenly drafted top. It's enough to make a girl throw things at the wall and use unbecoming words. So I searched eBay and bought a used Louet S10 with skein winder and bobbins for just over $300 including shipping. It's coming from Norway. I must be destined to spin with Norwegian tools. I haven't heard anything from the seller, so we'll see when it gets here. If it gets here.

Let there be yarn!


Anonymous said...

I think you definitely HAVE gone overboard... ;-)

pique said...


I can't wait till it comes! I have a hideous decrepit wheel too and have been eying that same brand, possibly that same wheel!, on eBay. But I can only lust from afar right now - so happy you got one!

Angie J said...

Hey Hold up I like that Norwegian Wheel. Looks similar to my Polonaise.

Erin said...

I like it too, but I can't spin on it. :I I think a large part of the problem is that the wheel is warped. I can see it 'till it's spinning, and I think that's what's throwing my drive band off.